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  • Leaving your Smart Phone plugged in to a power source when it is fully charged creates a high-stress environment for the battery (even “if” your smart phone smartly stops charging) as it is constantly receiving “trickle charges” to keep it at 100%. The result: its capacity to hold charge reduces significantly. To protect your battery, you must stop power supply once it is charged. The Storme Socket does that for you
  • Not only it prevents your battery from damages but also saves electricity by shutting off power to your devices after the set time. We have kept it very simple yet sturdy so anyone from grand-mother to a small child can operate it. Just plug-in and push the button to start the timer.
  • Storme Socket is 6 Amp D Type White Plug. Fit for travelling as it works with different types of adapters and chargers. Made in INDIA of high quality Poly-Carbonate (NOT CHEAP ABS). Prevents electrical spikes from damaging your connected devices. It is fire proof and shock proof.

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